Aug 13, 2008

Setting Sail

It is with a frowny face that I, the Rowboat, bids farewell to the website inspired by my natural born name.

A long time ago, like, three years, we (I) started this site as a natural extension of a previous site that nobody but myself and some random weirdo's knew about. It was silly really, for those in the know, what I really wanted to do was to have a place to vent about stupid things and have a creative outlet for my imagination.

I hope that everyone continues to visit our site, now in the hands of the ODBF and the Minion. They will certainly continue on the traditions...or i suppose actually one tradition, the CRB award for collegiate nationals top "something".

We, as a site, have made some fun friends along that way, and those of you who happen to continue to view our site and comment and send emails and the like, I can only say thanks. I love this sport, in all aspects, it this site has become something way more then I expected.

I mean, Jesus, we got mentioned on the website, are you kidding?

Tadd from the webcaster and Mastercraft protour gave us a shoutout during one of the tournaments, real waterskiiers like Rykert and Horton have given us love. Its amazing.

Down the road, maybe, I will give out my real name, but, for those in the know, you know why I am leaving this site. I am going to be taking a job within the waterski world on a much more professional level and certainly cannot continue to give my opinions and criticize things when I am becoming part of the machine that I criticize anyways.

So, in extension, I am actually stepping up to the plate and going to become more of a solution then a bitchy problem.

I really want to go back over the last three years and talk about the posts that matter, why I wrote some, the personal experiences that inspired them, the things that contributed to our success, but, thats for the lame.

This site has been a labor of love, something that I really enjoyed, it was inspired by my love for this sport and also some of the venom is from things that none of you should ever care about anyways.

The Rowboat hopes you enjoyed it. Our cooler is a little emptier today, I took some of the booze with me, as well as the cheez-its and smoked turkey slices, but, I need it for my journey that is in front of me. Needless to say, I am sad as hell. My journey is one that is taking me away from everything in the world that I love, to a place that is foreign to me and lord knows I am leaving behind my best friends ever.

So, thanks everyone. Hope that I will be able to check in from time to time and give updates as to what I am doing. But, until then....



//deep breath....



  1. the rowboat abides is leaving the bar early? well i guess I should probably take a writting class or something along those lines.

    and we can always use a guest writer whenever you have a few free minutes to make us all laugh and help us remember that this is a sport we love not something to always be pissed about.

    happy trails and Ive got a six pack of Pabst with your name on it, so drop by anytime.

  2. Farewell Rowboat, may the force be with you

  3. I really don't know what to say. The rowboat has made me the man I am today, drunk, angry, single and broke. Oh yea you still owe me $5.00 for that ointment.

    But I am truly sad cuz I need to step up my game and actually post on here more. Best of luck to you, you are my inspiration and my hero!




  4. Anonymous1:26 PM

    dear Rowboat,
    How sad it is to hear your leaving,your humour has touched us here in the UK.
    So godspeed, and may the Mermaids sing to you and the Dolphins take care of you on your new voyage.

  5. I love the site and hate to see you go. You really should never reveal your real name but if we hear that Ristorcelli is leaving WSM and a new guys in in charge, we will know what happened.

  6. Ya Boy! Way to go. You're on it.

    Check this shit--

    Here's to the next generation of skiers who think skiing is cool... and is never going to be in the olympics.

  7. Whoops, the previous post was a sign-in error.

    Godspeed on your travels, Abides. Especially since you will be setting off with only one paddle. You should stop by lakerykert and grab one for the road out of your, I mean Nola's, cooler.

    Oh yeah, and maybe you should see about some penicillin instead of crb minion's ointment.

  8. I am truly sad Mr. Creaky. At least you can still post anonymously on the ski flies and keep your job.

  9. Rowboat -

    The only way that I could possibly accept you leaving the site, is if you were going to do even more with skiing. Good news. I'm not sure what the new position is, but I am pumped to hear a guy with your kind of vision and opinions will be involved. Just make sure with this new job, you won't have to attend any group dinners.

    ODBF and the Minion I am sure will find a worthy replacement for you.

    Be sure to swing the rowboat on by again!


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