Aug 7, 2008

Now that is funny

For those of you who follow sports other then the waterski, and thats like everyone, you are probaly as fucking annoyed by the Favre felatio as we are at the CRB. Well, anyways, if you are in the know there is a wesbite called that is, a. funny as hell and b. if you really suck they rip your shit to shreds.

Anyways, here is their post today that sums up this Favre nonsense better then anyone else.
Is there anything more boring, in all of sports, than the Brett Favre saga?


Some candidates:

1. Watching the second quarter of an NBA preseason game in slow motion.
2. Watching NASCAR qualifying through your neighbor's window, using the wrong end of a pair of binoculars.
3. A press conference where the Minnesota Wild announce the hiring of a new assistant trainer, and the mics don't work.
4. Reading Peter King's thoughts on Starbucks.
5. SportsCenter. (N.B. may not count as "sports.")
Yep, pretty much. Does this relate to waterskiing? sure, i bet Favre has been on skis before.


  1. More boring? How about Curling while sober?

  2. Anonymous8:22 AM

    oh man, curling while drunk would rule...


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