Aug 28, 2008

Love me some southern belles

After a short hiatus the Master Craft pro tour is coming back this weekend down in the good ol' boy land of Charleston South Carolina, the birth place of the confederacy and the land of sweet southern belles.

And this time around Tadd and the crew are not just bringing us sweet slalom action, they are letting the boys bust out their long boards. And this event is bringing the excitment of the season championships as well.

Right now we have Karina Nowlen who has been kicking ass and taking names all season leading in womens slalom. JB leading in mens slalom but hot on his heels we've got the rook Cale Burdik, who has proved that not only can he swerve it up with the college kids, but he can take on the big dogs as well.

And then the big surprise of the year, Ryan Dodd who took down the first Jump event of the year and was newly crowned the king of the London Night Jump.

Nice entorage for a king!

Can Dodd hold off the Nightmare? or will has Freddy been dethrowned by a canuck?

All of the action during the day will be nothing compared to the jump finals that will tear up the Charlston night.


  1. your mastery of the english language is freaking amazing.

  2. Anonymous6:30 PM

    you just wish you could type like the odbf


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