Jul 7, 2008

That's a Decent Idea, Just Give Me a Gallon of Gas Part 3

Well, maybe all the talk about hybrids and whatever the hell technology is out there is not necessary, maybe, the answer to our fuel issues is something as simple as making things more efficnet.

Whoa, novel concept huh?

A dude in Ohio tweaked around with his car and was able to get over 100 MPG and still have enough horsepower to dust the local civic on steroids crowd. Yes, its a Mustang....and yeah, its a god damn 1987 Mustang, an escort with a body kit. Well played.

The long and the short of the deal is simply this, as stated in the article, the normal internal combustion engine operates at like 8% efficiency, he put a bunch of electric crap into it and got it to run at close to 40%.

A good frame of reference is the website howstuffworks, where you can learn all sorts of random info, but, more important and to this situation it explains in pretty simplistic terms how a engine works.

Simply put, and its basic common knowledge, is that you jam air and gas into a cylinder it blows up and makes a piston go up and down, however, inherent to that process is the loss of energy through heat and the basic physics of the process.

Within that process is the fact that if you are smart and can tweak shit the right way, well, you can hopefully get rid of some of the inefficiencies that are structurally built into a vehicles engine.

What this means, at least to the CRB and how this applies is two fold. First of all, this sort of technogy is crucial to the survival of the sport and the boating industry, unless there is some crazy dramatic change in overall paradigm of the sport, which ain't happening anytime soon, this sort of technology can hopefully make the sport, on a day to day basis, more affordable to average Joe waterskier man.

Secondly, we all are aware that the big wig boat companies no longer cater to the "middle income" slice of America, its more to the rich, hence the thought that "the people that can afford a boat like this aren't concerned with the cost of gas".

Well, take a look at GM and their bullheaded approach to large SUV's and Trucks, if you build your company around a market that is susceptible to pricing fluctuations and without the foresight to make corrections to said fluctuations, well, take a peek at the stock prices or the general health of General Motors and know that they are fucked, and seeing as we all live on waterski time, which is naturally slower then the real world, so to will the boat industry without drastic changes.


  1. hmmm. sounds interesting. maybe i can get my 84 datsun to get more then 18 mph. or perhaps not spend 10 bucks for every slalom set.

  2. probably wouldnt cost you 10 bucks a set if you didn't hire a prostitute as your third every time. just saying.

  3. Anonymous9:33 AM

    well maybe i like fat black women in the boat. evens out the weight, dont need to use the ballest system.

  4. going to assume that really any fat person would suffice. not sure how someone's skin color really affects your ballast operation, jackass.

  5. Anonymous12:05 AM

    well what if I prefer fat green people?


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