Jul 9, 2008

Waterski Stalker Book...

Like facebook wasn't enough of a stalker fest already. I mean honestly how many times in one day do you need to check your ex-girlfriends page. (three seems to do for me) However now not only can you stalk you ex you can also stalk USA waterski and your favorite pro skiers. According to Steve Locke in his July 1st executive directors report:

Facebook is a worldwide social networking tool designed to keep people in touch, as well as to aid in the introduction of new people. It connects nearly 4 million users by interests, hobbies, schools, and much more. USA Water Ski is taking advantage of the broad audience it reaches by creating its own profile, as well as a fan page. Although it will not require a great amount of maintenance, it will be a great tool to help get USA Water Ski “in the know” with the millions of Facebook members throughout the world. Due to the nature of the sport, there is a lot of segregation amongst each discipline, so this new fan site will be able to bring them all together to share information and stories.

As a FREE networking tool, the possibilities are endless. First of all, members of the fan page will be able to find new friends within the water sports world. For instance, as the 2008 GOODE Water Ski National Championships approaches, members of our site will be able to click on a link to see who will be attending the event. They can then go ahead and become friends with attendees with the hope that they will begin communication before the event rolls around.

Secondly, Facebook makes it easy for USA Water Ski to find new members through its advanced search option. When searching for new members, we can specify things such as gender, age, location and interests. Facebook will then pull up every person who fits that particular profile. After a search for 14- to 24-year-olds with an interest in water skiing, we were able to find 44,000 people!

The fan page will continually be updated with each week's Executive Director's Report, as well as a self-updating blog and a photo section. Big events, such as national championships, will also be displayed on the fan site to provide additional event promotion. Social networking sites function in a chain-reaction manner. To increase traffic, as we have just introduced the page to Facebook, we intend to host a photo contest with prizes from sponsors such as ropes, handles, and/or USA Water Ski apparel.

It is as simple as a few mouse clicks to become a fan of USA Water Ski on Facebook. First, you need to set up a Facebook account at www.facebook.com, and then you search for USA Water Ski fan page and click 'become a fan.'

If you wanna be friends with USA waterski, don't worry they didn't block you there name just makes no sense: "Usaws Headqs" Oh I get it USA Waterski Headquarters, wait no I don't why didn't you just use USA Waterski? Aren't you glad you can see that report on facebook too now. That way you don't ever have to go to usawaterski.com. I kid, I kid where else are you going to find out the AWSEF Scholarship winners? Looks like trophy lakes status updates says "Trophy Lakes is hosting SC States this weekend...records will fall."

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