Jul 24, 2008

The Show Ski World Enters the Internets

Whoa...two posts about show skiing in a row? What the hell CRB getting soft? Love those boys in tights...YEE HAW!!!


As it turns out, the webcast boys, who have been kicking ass the Mastercraft Protour are turning their attentions to the show skiiers, in webcasting the 34th installment of a weekend of beer and girls in skimpy outfits.

Christ, thats like any normal night at the CRB headquarters, but, we aren't ones to pick fights or turn down fun waterskiing on the ebay.
The full one-hour presentation of all 14 teams competing will be Webcast live at no charge. Highlight videos from the top teams each day also will be replayed in the evenings to allow for prime-time viewing and greater exposure. The link for the Webcasting will be available at www.USAWATERSKI.org.
No Shit!! Thats actually pretty freaking cool. Normally, this would be the paragraph where we make some smart ass comment about something, but, that is pretty sweet. Haven been lucky enough in our existence to experiance this event, its worth your while.

Sure, some of the stuff is kinda lame, but, you know...fire up your super highway and give it a shot. Its like watching "The Hills" or "Girls Next Door" its kinda silly, but, damn...its fun.


  1. sorry cock block...communist

  2. no worries. that was to much show skiing, thought we were losing our edge.


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