Jul 8, 2008

Recomended Reading: Group Dinners

A little off-topic, but, there is a hysterical post on Kissing Suzy Kolber regarding group dinners. Highly recommended reading.

Suppose in a sense that it ties into waterskiing in that we often go out with our group of waterski buddies and inevitably the hassle of splitting checks and the crap that goes along with a big group of people surfaces.

If you know anything about KSK you know that if for some reason you are offended by language or funny stereotypes, well, don't bother reading it because you won't like it. But, if you have a sense of humor, by all means.

A sample:
And once the tab arrives, it’s automatically assumed that the tab be SPLIT EQUALLY. Hey host lady. You see those seven daiquiris on the tab? Those are your problem. I’m not paying for that shit. Yet if I bitch about this, I’m somehow a cheap asshole. What the fuck?

Officer Buck gives this post: Four Thumbs Up

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