Pinning is overrated

ok so I completly stole this vid from Rykerts lake of sin, but Patrice Martin proves here that he is nuts and it makes for a great old school video.


  1. LOLZ

  2. It's all good, I stole it from some Columbian's YouTube channel, who stole it from...., who stole it from... etc.

  3. Oh



    Who was his pinner, his ex-wife whom he wasn't paying child support to?

  4. patrice martin needs a acl or groin or hip, in fact, if he needs to be pinned he just yanks the fucking pylon out of the boat and beats a fish to death with it.

    then, he fillets it, cooks it up on his larry holmes grill, sits back with his feast, drinks beer and laughs about it.

  5. Chuck Norris sounds like the Patrice Martin of Karate

  6. Anonymous4:51 PM

  7. ...and you can take that to the lake!!

  8. I think he may have pulled his groin?


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