Jul 3, 2008

Picos Tour Stop - Webcast

Well, seeing as its the 4th of July weekend, we figure that you will be spending it the same way we will be, getting drunk, getting sunburned, burning meat on a grill and going all ga-ga over fireworks.

Because if there is anything more American then getting drunk, blowing stuff up and eating meat, we don't know what it is.

On the off chance you are a terrorist or really hate America, of for that matter, if you don't live in the sweet sweet world that is the U.S.A, two things.

1) We feel sorry for you

2) Check out the fifth stop of the Pro Tour, the "Cory Pickos Superstars" event on the webcast.

Yes, that is Danielle Lloyd in the picture, we snapped that right before posting this. She was so impressed with our love in a previous post that she contacted us and we are now dating, probably going to be married, so yes, that is her waiting in our Chevette before we take off for the weekend*.

Only in America, where dreams do come true.

*not true. Yet.


  1. What part isn't true? The part about you dating her and probably going to be married or the part about you having a Chevette?

  2. Ahh, to clariy, the part about the Chevette.

  3. when did you and Dallas breakup?

  4. A little while ago, during the winter, it just wasn't working you know? To many fights over who got to use what binding and fin set-up.

  5. she is dating all of us? that could prove intersting.


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