Jul 21, 2008

Largest waterski tournament in the world wears tights?

The largest waterski tournament in the world took place this past weekend. While the 3 event world was watching race boats and rough water in Michigan at the Malibu open, the tights wearing world was focused on a small town in Wisconsin, a town full of people who appearently think that people dont know what state they are in so they named their city Wisconsin Rapids. 25 teams ranging from the 100 plus member teams down to the smallest Division 2 teams fielding around 30 or so members converged on Wisconsin Rapids and prepared their shows.

Some teams had plenty of practice time, while others had not seen a single skier grace the waters at their sites since the first rains in June flooded out much of the central midwest.

The perennial big dogs of the show ski world including the Mad City Show Ski team skiing for a 3-Peat and the Rock Aqua Jays who have won the tournament more times then all others combined. The picture above shows the Rock Aqua Jays show site in Jansville Wisconsin.

Badgerland appearently belived they could take down the drowned out teams by lighting their skiers on fire. This may have been a mistake as putting on a ski show with no skiers does not work very well.

I am told that as usual the skiing on the water was amazing, but Mad City did what they do best and put it all out on the water and wowed the crowds. Even with limited water time they carried their 3rd state title in as many tries. USA waterski was friendly enough to list the scores, as most people who were there are way to hungover today to remember what actually hapened.

The highest scoring jump act of the weekend was a jump act that saw a 3 man gainer, 4 man heli and a 5 man front flip all of a standerd size ramp. Crazyness is all I can say. Perhaps I should learn to jump with these guys, as my method of landing on my head has not been working all that well.

Its good to know that after all of the flooding and damage the skiers of our friendly dairy state can still get out on the water and wear tights for the amusment of the crowds.

Hmmm, ok then, more of that.

And the one thing that the showskiers have really done right is the beer tent. What else would you like to do when standing in 90 degree heat while watching grown men dance? Just watch how much you drink...

Ah hell...


  1. http://www.wisconsinrapidstribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080721/WRT02/80721095/1982

  2. Actualy, it was Mad-City's one man jump, aka The Jaw Dropper, that won the highest scoring jump act. They announced it incorrectly during the awards.

  3. more important, the ballet picture? yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, no, yes.

  4. oh, and what the fuck do you google image search for to find the jack daniels pic? psycho.

  5. oh like you dont search for stuff like that....ummmmm shit...

    i searched for my favorite booze and bad decisions.

  6. Pyrotechnics add at least 50 pts to any act.


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