Jul 11, 2008

lake to lake tour

"Yesterday morning we packed up, ate some grub with Jenny's dad and bro, FINALLY made it to the bank, and headed north out of Rifle to Jackson, WY. Most of the drive was barren, but the several hours of boredom were worth it to get to see the Tetons. WOW...I mean WOW!!! These mountains are like none we've seen before. So steep, so jagged, so amazing!"
So says Marcus Brown and the face to face tour. A very interesting concept that is bringing pro Slalom skiing to the private lakes around this great country of ours. There are many people bringing waterskiing to the public in our country today, Tadd and the proskiers.com gang, Marcus Brown, and many others who love our great sport. We need to support people like Marcus and Tadd and all the other people who are helping our sport grow. Some day we will see them on ESPN just as it was when Sammy, Carl and Patrice were the faces of our sport.

And some day maybe we will see this mag looking like this:

We can always hope.


  1. um. i dont understand dude.

  2. I may have been drinking when i wrote this one. I dont think it really made any sense. I was trying to say that what marcus is doing is a good why to help promote pro skiing. Give people a pro to cheer for and all that.

  3. i understand that part, but the espn magazine thing doesn't make sense. and i have no clue who marcus brown is or what the hell the face to face thing is.

    bringing slalom to a private lake? what a novel concept!! Its not as if that isn't the motherfucking problem allready. bunch of rich people with 2000 dollar skis on their fucking private lakes.

    yo. strap on your shit and hit some random boat rollers on a public course, bring the sport to the people!!

  4. wow, getting a little worked up. haha. actually you put up a post a while back about the face to face tour. Marcus Brown is one of the top west coast slalom skiiers and he has a mastercraft semi and is cruising around the country going from lake to lake running clinics and what not.

    of course it is very true that to give our sport the ability to get back into the public eye it needs to move back to public venues around the country. But things like this are just a start, I think it would be alot better if he went from university to university and gave clinics for the college teams. I think that would defintly help our sport grow in the future by building a large base of fans of pro skiing. but whatevs.

    and the espn mag thing was just a comment on what the ultimate goal of our sport should be: to get strong enough to get on the covers of major sports magazines.

  5. dont you dare tell me what i did and did not post on this interwebtube site!!

    /checks CRB archives.


  6. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I love it when you two fight!
    Kind of like an old married couple!
    Hey, did you get your shirts yet? I know they have been shipped. At least I have been told that they shipped.

  7. Tadd,

    I have recieved the Goode shirt but not the oneil or the trailer hitch cover. thanks for the shirt. TAKE THAT SKI FLY I GOT THE SHIRT AND YOU LOST. woot

  8. Remember,
    Friends don't let friends drink and blog. Somebody always ends up getting thier feelings hurt.

    The problem with a university tour: takes too long because you need to figure in a hangover day before traveling to each stop

  9. if there were no drinking and blogging the CRB would have about 3 posts on it.

  10. hey rykert you watch it with that hangover day shit...everyone knows that you ski better when hungover!


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