Jul 14, 2008

Bad Habit

Interesting thread on the Ball of Spray forum about pre-turns and slalom buoys and, well, to be honest, I sort of lost interest because I am a crappy slalom skier and the terms and what-not being bandied about confused me.

But, here is the crux of the argument. Some dude started to push down on his back leg at the finish of his turn to get his body in a better position. Gahh...whatever, here, I just cut and pasted.
I think my preturn is relatively good and the early part of my turn is good (for me), but it seems like I lose angle on the last part of my turn. When skiing the course this ends up putting me behind in getting to the next ball. While out free skiing the other day I decided I was going to try and figure out how to get a more aggressive angle in my turns.

One time, when I was working on getting a more aggressive angle, I pushed a little bit on my back leg at the end of my turn. It felt like I was just giving a little "snap" of pressure to my back leg, and then I would transition back in to a balanced stance after the turn was finished. It appeared like it helped finish out my turn. I started to work on doing that through each turn and it felt like I was getting a more aggressive angle on the finishing part of my turns.

Prior to working on this technique (be it good or bad), I was relatively balanced on my feet through my turn. I haven't put this techninque in to practice out on the course yet. Is this a bad habit or a good habit to work on? Thanks
Well, take it from the resident CRB Slalom Master. Just kick off the ski and barefoot away. Ignore that pesky swerving and burn your feet. Or strap on a pair of jumpers and go nuts. Or go slalom some more.

Christ, what am I? Chris Parrish? The Pope? Your Moms? I dont have all the answers. Anyways, on the subject of good and bad habits. Here is a quick rundown.

Good Habit - Sun Bathing: This is good for a number of reasons. 1) Tans are awesome. 2) Its warm and you look mucho better with less stuff covering your body...NOT YOU OVER THERE!! Keep your shirt on. 3) Danielle Lloyd, my present and future non-wife. She likes it, so naturally, the CRB crew does as well.

Bad Habit - Smoking: This is sort of self-explanitory, in that, you may die. However, you look so fucking cool when doing it!! OR...kinda like a moron. Either way, its bad. So don't do it. Or do it, I am not your caretaker.

Good Habit - Reading and commenting on the CRB: Psssh...like you need a reason.

Bad Habit - Car Crashes: So technically this may not be a habit thing, but, its bad anyways. AVOID CAR CRASHES!!! Side note: If you happen to be a habitual car crasher, well, thats really crappy because your insurance must be through the roof!


  1. I belive I qualify as a habitual car crasher...
    /comments while driving on freeway
    //hits oncoming semi
    ///goes skiing

  2. Your holiness, pushing with your back leg is a bad habit.

  3. prshure on back foot is not relevant to mah interests


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