Jul 1, 2008

Awww Shucks.

Well, looks like the CRB done growed up! Our Waterski Overlord, in his most recent Exec Report mentioned the CRB...by name..and it was even nice!!

We are a bit shocked, maybe a bit flattered, but, regardless we are glad you take both our criticism and playfulness in the spirit intended.

Here is the snippet from the report:
Speaking of message boards, forums and Web sites; I think we have a ton of good and often highly entertaining sites within this set of sports, including http://creakyrowboat.blogspot.com/. I don't know who Mr. Creaky Row Boat is (presuming he is a male), but I think he is clever, a bit profane and highly entertaining as he dialogues with himself throughout his site. CRB (Creaky Rowboat) speaks editorially in ITC (Improvised Tongue in Cheek) terms sometimes using this report to praise USA Water Ski and other times to take our notions to task. I think he does it WBMS (Without Being Mean Spirited). Good on him. I love reading it and encourage you to visit the site.
Holy Acronym attack!!! Oh, and we are three people, if there is a mr. creaky rowboat out there in the world, gosh, we apologize to you for using your name in vain!

If you are visiting for the first time, welcome aboard, we always have a CRB Cooler stocked with cheez-its, smoked meats, crackers and Hamms beer. Help yourself.

So, short story long, we hope you stick around, comment and enjoy yourself, if not, well shit, then the terrorists have won.

Thanks for the love Mr. Locke! Now, please return my bottle opener.


  1. Me? Profane? Gosh, gee willikers, I have never been profane in my life. I mean shit...ah hell...

  2. Next for the CRB: "A shout out to my hos" from the IWSF director

  3. I have never sworn a day in my life...fuck that, I think I may have a man crush on Mr. Locke....

  4. I will SEX BOMB all over USA Water Ski.


    Got any extra GBHs around that you can give to Mr. Locke? How great is it to have a man in charge who has his head on straight and can take a joke. He also looks into other parts of the sport, instead of just board meetings and membership reports.

    I look forward to all that Mr. Locke has in store!

  6. no way cris, we aren't that big of suckers, you can't buy our love with a simple shout-out like that!

    Besides, wouldn't want to degrade the meaning of the GHB/CRB award by handing them out all willy nilly!!

    But, any overlord who likes the CRB is a overlord that is welcome to the strohs.

  7. I can be bought, Ill hand out GBH awards to anyone that gives me some free schwag.

  8. you bastard. Those are reserved for the collegiate all-stars MV-CRB. I will not condone this sort of mutiny on the bounty action.


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