Jul 11, 2008

61 days till '08 World Cable Ski Championships

Ok, so I understand that I may not be the most intelligent person out there but I didn't even know this. In September there will be a live webcast for the World Cable Ski Championships. I know there are all the local kids from Orlando who wakeboard on a cable but all 3 events? I had to see what jump would look like. Check it out.

So I took a look at the records and all and it isn't that far away from normal three event. The men's slalom world record is a 1/2 a buoy away from Parish's record. Makes sense seeing that you have no wake.... The trick record is held by Alexi Zernossek, hey that name is familiar, with a score of 1130 which is 1100 point shy of Le Forsteirs record. How do you do wake tricks? Cable jump is just shy of 10 m less than its way cooler brother, normal jump, with the cable record being 67.3 m.

So mark your calendars for the live webcast on September 10th-13th or better yet book a flight to London and go check it out! www.cableskiworlds.co.uk Interesting side note on the "World Medal Table" the US isn't even listed. I dont even think anyone from the US competes in cable ski.


  1. I am straight up intrigued by cable ski. anyone done it?

    does anyone know if there is an explanation as to the way it all works, like, the pullys or whatever?

  2. I think cable skiing could be pretty cool. I saw an article in slalom ski mag a few years back where a couple pros went out and gave it a go. seemed to like it. and it seems to be working for the europeans, they have had high gas prices for years. Might not be a bad idea to give it a go here.


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