Jun 13, 2008

Suffering From a Pronunciation Error

Hey guess what? The Louisiana Night Jam is happening this weekend! WOOT!!

Even Better? Its going to be Webcast, so for those of us who live in the remote dessert of Southern Ireland (not true) we can watch the damn thing live!!

But, what is amazing, beyond the jumping at night, the location, etc, is the spelling of some of the jumpers. Its amazing, there is one, Marie Vympranietsova, whose last name looks like someone got drunk and threw a bunch of scrabble letters into a pond then did a cannonball into the pond while wearing a helicopter. It doesn't make sense.

Anyways, here is the list of female jumpers taken from their website.

Stinne Soendergaard - There is no possible way to pronounce that. So-end-er-gaurd?
Danyelle Bennett - Yay!!!
Megan Ross De Siegert - Is that hyphenated or is your last name three words?
Jenna Mielzynski - That one at least doesn't cause my tongue to explode
Maj Lund Jepsen - Wonder if its pronounced like maa-ge, as in the phonetic part of "majority" or is the J silent, like Ma Lund, or pronounced like a hard G, as in Mage? Inquiring minds want to know!!
Alex Lauretano - Not to bad...moving on.
Anais Amade - I am afraid to even try that first name.
Regina Jaquess - Well known and all, but, have yet to read and/or hear the exact correct pronunciation.
Marion Mathieu - Mathieu? Gazuntight!
Jaklyn Hunter - no way that Jaklyn is really spelled like that, is this name going to follow in the footsteps of Caitlyn or the 8-billion variations of that name.
Marie Vympranietsova - AHHHH!!!!!!
Nancy Chardin - huh...even a simple name seems hard to pronounce given the tongue sprain
Clementine Lucine - Clementine seems like a old-timer name, like, Clementine is in the barn milking the cows for dinner or something.
Natallia Berdnikava - now, this is a hot name. Natallia is a awesome name. No clue on the last name though.
Angeliki Andriopoulou - Seriously...what? Thats unpossible.
June Fladborg - Another old-timey sounding name. To bad her first name isn't something that ends in a "CY" because then she could have a nickname like "Cy-Borg" and that would be rad.

Ugh...my eyes even hurt from trying to read some of those names. All great skiers and prob awesome people, but, wow...

Anways, till later this is your CRB dude Walter Zhhgr;ldiiujrhh57kdjf signing off.

ps. my last name? it rhymes with smith. go figure.


  1. Anonymous11:58 PM

    smith huh?

  2. You guys have had some good posts in your day (i.e. 2006 All-Stars recap) but this may be your best work. Absolutely hilarious.

    I am crying I'm laughing so hard.


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