Jun 24, 2008

Wondering How Rykert is Doing

The Fisherman vs. Waterskier fight took a turn for the weird

Back a while ago when the CRB first fired up, one of our first online bloggy buddies was Rykert, who had his own little waterski blog, Waterki, ETC, or as we like to think of it around here, Rykerts Lake of Sin.

Well, it dawned on me recently that we haven't heard from our buddy in Iowa, especially in the wake of the whole Nola stealing our cooler episode and conspiring to make our rowboat extreamly difficult to pilot.

Well, we have left a couple comments on his latest post, something about a gross looking toenail, and haven't heard back and we got to thinking, with all the flooding in the mid-west, how has that affected him. So we googled Coralville, IA (where he says he is from, we just figured its Iowa, look for corn and Rykert has to be there somewhere) anyways it turns out that along with Ceder Rapids, IA, that Coralville (outside of Iowa City) got hammered pretty good as well.

Here is a google search string for Coralville, IA news in google. (just so you can try and stay up to date)

You can see a Photo Gallery of pics from the Press-Citizen, a newspaper in nearby Iowa City, and by near by, its like, right there.

Interesting to note though, is that with the flooding and what not going on in the mid-west, there is a dam in Coralville with the flooding and whatnot has uncovered some unique things from Iowa's past, like, 375 million year old bones from when Iowa was a tropical sea.

Speaking of which, 375 million year old bones? Is that what the "Girls Next Door" get everynight from Hef? Hi-Ohhh!!

Continue tangent: Is there a trio of more moraly bankrupt girls then those three? I get brain crabs just thinking about it.

All goofing aside, we hope you are doing alright and things aren't to totally out of whack in your neck of the woods.

We talked about the flooding in the mid-west and how it affected the show ski teams and Tommy Bartlett, but, we didn't get into what was happening further south.

We hope you are doing allright, and of course in the ironic twist, that you will be back on the water soon, you know, with out that same water making a mess of things.

So, from the CRB community, hope to hear from you soon, hope all is well, or as good as can be expected, and you let us know whats going on. We got a new CRB Cooler and its stocked with the finest meats and cheeses, a thing of funions and cold Old Milwaukee. So, drop by and help yourself.


  1. I'm alive and well, thanks for the concern. Haven't skied for three weeks, I've been sidelined by irony. My house stayed dry, which is more than I can say for some parts of town. Hopefully I'll be able to ski again this week. As for Nola, sadly, her stash of coolers floated away.

  2. Oh yeah, and concerning the "Girls Next Door," the show's lone redeeming quality is always blurred out.


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