Jun 25, 2008

Twiggy Test: Roam Board

So I know this has been out for awhile but I think this is a product not many people have tried. It is the hyperlite Roam board. It is basically a giant snowboard on the water which allows you to do a million surface turns and hit rails pretty easy.So that is what it looks like. Kind of a cool concept. It seems to be a great thing to stick beginners on to teach them how to wakeboard. A few more details on the board. According to hyperlite.com

the roam board features: E Core, Torsion Flex, ABS Side Wall and Layered Glass. Which is a fancy way of saying that it is a board made out of wood, it is flexible it has a siderail to it and a glass like laminate. So getting to the point this is what Twiggy had to say:

"It was interesting to ride. Probably the easiest thing ever to get up on. I got a little dizzy after my surface 3600. It is easy to hit rails on just like a snowboard (great way to cheat in rail jams). Cutting through the wake was rediculous, to say the least. Because of the wide stance and all when I cut toeside my back foot just dug in the water. The coolest thing I did with this is take a whip and bring the board up on its tail. (Take a look at picture below).

(note: it took like 30 minutes to find this damn picture)

Conclusion: I spent about 20 minutes on this thing, that is good for me for the year. Correction I may take that whip faster after a few more PBRs. I would also like to thank the CRB for this chance to work with them, I am so greatful that you rescued me from Rykert's evil dog Nola."

Oh Nola-you are trouble....


  1. so twiggys dont have a very long shelf life at the crb testing facilities

  2. I was tired of that damn squirrel being on the top of the outube search for "waterski" anyway. I guess I can put off buying dog food for a night.

  3. funny how twiggy died testing bindings but yet somehow manages to ride a roam board. I am thinking there is some pet cemetery shit going on. Maybe that explains Nola's desire to steal our coolers, some satan plot.

  4. Twiggy should avoid the CRB head quarters. It appears to not be doing him any good.

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