Jun 20, 2008

Twiggy Test: Death by Slalom Binding...but they're so comfy!

Have you seen the new wakeboard bindings? They like custom fit to your feet and stuff....so comfy it's like wearing pillows on your feet! When is the ski industry going to embrace this. Skiers have hard shells, which is like sticking your foot in a woman's high heal...at least that is what ODBF told me.

There is also the good old rubber bindings which do a great job or ripping all of the hair of the top of your foot. Who needs coffee before there morning set, when you have foot hair being ripped out? Who are we kidding? When was the last time any of us on the CRB got up before noon?

Hey somebody has to keep the PBR stock going strong! Anyways I digress....what the hell was I talking about? Why am I up so early? Oh yeah, the bindings. So wakeboarders have these pillow bindings where are the skiers? Never fear cuz Radar is here. Radar has embraced the custom fit binding and made a pretty sweet hard/soft shell binding. The best of both worlds right? Maybe, maybe not.

They sure look sweet! So you can get the insert molded to your foot which is super comfy...and putting your foot in isn't like kicking a wall. The whole design is really cool. They mount to a custom plate which then mounts to your ski "allowing your ski to flex naturally." Whatever the fuck that means.

Pillow like liners....

Custom plate thingy....

So we stuck twiggy the waterskiing squirrel on them and saw what he had to say. After blowing his little squirrel load as he put his foot in the binding we threw him in the water (personal note: squirrels have sharp claws and look funny when wet). Twiggy tore up the course and got his damn swerve on. This is what twiggy had to say:

"Well, the bindings were super responsive. They respond like hardshells but are way more comfortable. The only thing I was worried about was not coming out of the binding."

Well Twiggy's worries came true as he rounded 4 ball at 41' off and 2 mph he took a bad out the front and the ski stayed right with him. We always liked Twiggy but now he is buried in a cardboard box behind the CRB mansion.

In all actuality, this innovation in skiing is really cool to see. Yeah they are a little scary but it is just one of those things you have to get used to, who needs ACLs anyway?

Keep looking for new Twiggy Tests, we are currently training a new Twiggy in the pond behind the CRB mansion. If any ski companies would like the CRB to test there new equipment...feel free to send us a promo!

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Update: To fill everyone in this is a one day test just to see how the binding responds. This was done with a single boot and a adjustable toe plate. Twiggy's partners and the future Twiggys will continue to test the RS-1 binding. Just to make everything clear I personally like the idea of the RS-1, but am unsure as to its saftey as of yet. Only future test's will tell.


  1. why does the rowboat get all the fun promo toys that will undoubtably pour in now?

    oh yea and I thought the CRB minion had been arrested and thrown back in a Panamanian prison or something.

  2. sorry to cockblock your post, but, i got inspired by poop.

    anyways, the radar bindings dont allow your feet to come out when you fall or whatever? that doesnt seem real safe.

    what about when you are done skiing, do they come off then? be a bitch to walk around with a slalom ski stapled to your foot.

  3. i recomend checking out this forum on the john hortons website about these bindings and hard shells in general. its interesting.


    hope that works right.

  4. damn html crap. lets see if this works.


  5. Anonymous8:07 AM

    it sounds like this binding has some strong feelings attached to it. Looks cool enough and finally ski companies are starting to copy some of the wakeboard technology, which has long surpased anything ski companies had coming out.


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