Jun 29, 2008

Sunday Pro Tour Stop

Trying something here, and no idea if its going to work. This thread is for people who are watching the sunday pay for webcast of the pro-tour stop in Alabama.

A CRB friend, Tadd, is a peep who visits our site, and we appreciate it...in fact he gave us a shout out today on the webcast.

We may or may not have read his comment right about Sunday, but, the rowboat is not going to be able to watch the events. But, if you are watching, please use the comment area to send in questions and comments to Tadd.

We can't watch the event, please let us know, give us your questions, and for goodness sakes, comment away.


  1. Ill be on, this could be pretty cool

  2. Log on early, Mastercraft is giving away trailer hitch covers.

  3. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Nice CRB Boys.
    I like it.
    Thanks for the support. This is exactly what we need.
    And of course, girls like the one to the right.
    See you in a little bit.

  4. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Looks like jumping is set up to get a prevailing tailwind, unless this weekend has had unusual wind direction.

  5. Hmmm, I see a delay due to a sattalite issue. anyone know whats going on?

  6. Cant get emails thru to Tadd. keeps bouncing back saying the email box is full. need to clean up that box guys.

  7. taking down two shirts today. I may have over saturated Tadd with emails today.

    I like the trivia idea. maybe the CRB should jump on that band wagon. Of course we might want to actually have something to give away. anyone want to donate to some broke bloggers? or tell us how to make millions off the CRB.

  8. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Porn is where its at

  9. Anonymous1:58 PM

    I almost wish they had tricks at these tour stops so i'd have a chance for bathroom breaks or a ski set or something.

    -jonya harding

  10. Anonymous2:02 PM

    ohhh burn to tricks.

    I kinda like tricks. but this webcast is sweet.


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