Jun 3, 2008


Late post and kinda a so-what post, but, in plowing through the usawaterski site, read this...
Worden, Jaquess and the University of Florida are now eligible for the United States Olympic Committee’s Athlete of the Month and Team honors.
and tell me, or us, why it matters.

What does the Olympic Committee athlete of the month get you? And notice the lack of caps. because, honestly, hitching your wagon to a horse/cow that is sinking and/or doesnt care about you seems to be a fools game. Please correct if wrong. Figure the no comments in three days upcoming will prove my point.


  1. I have to agree. There is no chance waterskiing will make it into the olympics. It just appears to be the fantasy of a few old guys down in Florida.

    Speaking of Florida, how can that school be named the team of the month? wtf

  2. i am guessing university of florida is for wakeboard. they just won the CSTV collegiate wakeboard nationals

  3. sorry, my point was perhaps a team involved with All Stars should have won this. All Stars is a much more important event to the sport of watersking then the CSTV event is. The CSTV event is the only one they put on all year and is poorly attended. While All Stars is an event that not only pits the best skiers from around the country against each other in an exciting format, the tournament also hosted the team trials leading to a new national team being picked for a world competition. So I would think a proper choice would have been either the national team, Team Midwest or possibly the host teams.
    /rant over

  4. ODBF fTW! Turns out i was wrong with a non-comment post. Maybe someone out there will explain the point behind this Olympic wet-dream though. (see what I did there?)


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