Jun 29, 2008

Slalom finals

This has been an awsome day of skiing, defintly worth the 6 bucks.

The women laid it all on the line and put up quite a few runs into 39 and are putting Kristi on notice, her record is on the minds of quite a few of these women.

Karina makes a hugh statement by taking down her second tour event in two weekends. She showed she is no fluke by running 38 every time she hit the water. Nicole Arthur gave Karina a run for her money but came up just short.

Karina taking down 2 tournaments the week of her 21st birthday. I think she does not support the CRB school of birthday drinking.

It would be pushing it to see me get up on a ski with in a week of my 21st.

/cuddles with toilet

Cale Burdick took down Marcus brown with 2@41 vs Marcus' 1@41 to set up one half of the final. While JB took down Nick Parsons when Nick went down early to give us a finals made up of the Boilermaker Cale Burdick, the young upstart as Tadd and Aaron refered to him all weekend vs the personality of JB who has been pushing the world record the last few years.

Cale came in right after taking down Marcus and had to throw on his ski again and had to hit the water up first in his head to head against JB. Cale ran a little rough 38 and a scrappy 39 to finish off with a very respectable 1@41. JB came out and ran a 39 that looked like a 32 and was able to round one with enough left to sling across to 2 ball where he kicked out the tail. But that 1.5@41 was enough to give him the top of the podium and take home that 8 grand from MasterCraft and the pro tour win. All around an amazing finals. Congrats to Cale for a solid 2nd place, his best on the pro tour, this kid will take one down pretty soon if he keeps skiing like he has been.

Recent graduate from Purdue's Pharmacy school laid it all on the line and put up some amazing scores.

JB has put up some awsome scores in years past and as he often does proved he was just to much for the competition and took home a nice check as well. Would be nice to see him get into 43 again some time.

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