Jun 18, 2008

Mastercraft owns Usawaterski

Buried deep in the Executive Report from June 17th was this nugget of waterski knowledge, presented here with no pretense.
Several weeks ago we announced that MasterCraft was relinquishing its relationship with the U.S. Open to focus attention on the MasterCraft Pro Tour. With a little less than three months before this year's scheduled Open, it was doubtful if we could find an appropriate site, and more importantly, develop the needed financial resources to run the Open. We did find an appropriate site and did have a couple of potential sources for a financial commitment, but with a short amount of time to put it all together we found it was not going to properly work. The 2008 U.S. Open will be canceled and we will look toward 2009 to resurrect the event.
/clears throat

Wha Wha WHAT?

Please, please correct me if I am wrong...but...this is some crap. Because a boat company, of which there are like 80 kabillion, you can't develop the financial resources to host a tournament.

/falls of couch

/Resumes typing...from floor

So, let me get this straight, a boat company, granted a pretty big one, but just a boat company has so much power over what goes on under your jurisdiction that a chain of events happen and you don't have the foresight to see this coming?

Thats disappointing. The CRB is pretty upset about this. For a number of reasons, but, mainly, we have wanted to give every benefit of the doubt to the new leadership at USA Waterski, we loved the post about the wakeboard tournament, and learning the industry, but, this is some bullshit.

We don't care really, one way or the other, about the us open, but, to not see this coming? GRRR...they are sponsors, you should not be beholden to their whims or reliant on them being in bed with you to make your business model run. Thats just bad business.

Wait wait wait...but..whats this? You are sponsoring them? Or is that...GAHH!!!

/Launches back onto couch, like a frog

Whatever, lets plow through this report piece by piece.

Section One: The flooding in the mid-west.

Yes, it sucks, and yes, some terrible shit has happened to our mid-west friends. But, this line,
Mike Hanson, president of the National Show Ski Association, has been in regular contact with many clubs throughout the Midwest to see how they are faring. The good news is that he is finding that many are recovering rapidly.
Really? Rapidly? You mean like the Janesville Rock-Aqua Jays who won't be skiing at all this summer as their park is closed until at least november because of contamination? No? Maybe the Five Seasons Ski Team who are buried under water that is over 20 feet high? No?

The Tommy Bartlett Show doesn't have a lake, the tournaments that are scheduled are in peril and the rivers haven't yet crested. But...they are rapidly recovering. Because...the flooding water gave them the....flu? a cold? some sniffles? Herpes? Something doesn't add up.

Section Two: Outdoor Electric Sign.

Mark Jackson and Hank Longo – through the generosity of Central Florida’s Polk County Sports Marketing – provided this $30,000 gift. The arrangement is a 50/50 sharing of message time between Central Florida’s Polk County Sports Marketing and the American Water Ski Education Foundation.
Neat-O. So, the early buffet special is now advertised to the people on I-4. Rad.

Section Three: See above

Section Four: Membership failing to meet expectations.

Look, this is a pretty simple equation. Usawaterski Membership = ????

Why, why should you be a part of this. What does it get you? For those of us that compete in whatever discipline we do, its necessary for insurance purposes (you insurance experience may vary) but, for Jim the weekend Bayliner guy, why would he bother? Honest question!

But, they blame this on weather. Lets think about it on a more economic level. Gas is fucking expensive. Average Joe, or even average Joe competitive waterskier is not about to fork over the bucks to join because, lets be honest, they aren't forking over the dough to go skiing either.

Besides, you average new ski boat costs you an arm, a leg, and three year supply of semen. Don't care about any marketing spin about the rich still buying boats and everything is allright, you are skimming the cream, you are pricing yourself out of any sustainable market, you Mr. Boat Company, are shooting heroin with your customers. It feels great but you are bleeding the market dry. Eventually, your customers are going to be broke in the street looking to suck dick for a 1984 Nautique. It won't be pretty.

Now remove that image from your head! "c'mon baby just looking for a set!! Gimme one more set, I know I can get that fourth ball..."

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