Jun 3, 2008

The Malibu Open, Now with Extra Hydro.

If you use the live bookmark feature in Firefox and have the usawaterski.com feed set up you get the title of the article in a handy little drop-down box. Easy to see if you want to see what they are saying or dismiss it like that trollop from the bar the other night.

Well, for a day or two the top story was "Malibu Open Set For July 18-20", and the CRB thought, well...whoop de damn do, a little story about a tournament that is going on somewhere that we won't be going to...see we have much more important things to do then travel all the way to freaking White Lake Michigan in middle to late July.

But, what the hell, lets take a peek and see what they have to say, I mean, is Dr. Michaels going to make a comeback? Is Danyelle Bennett or Dallas Friday going to FINALLY return our calls and meet up with us in the Chevette/Hoverocerous for dinner/movie/waterski tourney?

Malibu Boats, a premier sponsor of USA Water Ski, will host the 10th Malibu Open Water Ski & Wakeboard Championships, July 18-20, in White Lake, Mich. The event will be held in conjunction with the ninth annual Quake on the Lake APBA Inboard Hydroplane Races.
/blink blink

THE HELL YOU SAY!!! Hyrdoplanes?! Well why the hell didn't you say so earlier!? See, thats the kind of irresponsible journalism that has seeped into our countries news outlets, they fail to capture my attention and inform as they should.

Its mis-leading. Its dis-honest. TELL ME MORE ABOUT THE HYRDOPLANES!!

God I Gotta Piss

As always your servants at the CRB will do the honors. We asked someone who looks alot like us about this event and they said, "Kick Ass!!".

Specifically, the Hydro event is called "Quake the Lake" and features a crap-ton of really fast boats racing around like a bunch of banshees.

Over the past 8 years, “Quake on the Lake” has gained a reputation as one of the premier summertime events in/around Oakland County, Michigan. It has become a “must attend” national event for North American Inboard Hydroplane owners and drivers and since its inception; over 250,000 people have witnessed world-record racing performances from the top teams in the business. In the last 8 years, there have been 15 American Power Boat Association (APBA) records set in 5 different racing classes on Pontiac Lake, making it one of the fastest one-mile race courses in the country.

The “Quake on the Lake” has received numerous industry accolades over the years including 2005 and 2006 APBA Mach Series Region VI “Promoter of Year” as well as 2006 APBA Mach Series Region VI “Race Chairman of the Year’ for Chairman Dale Hampshire.
Well now, this is an event we can get behind. Waterskiing and face-melting boats. Didn't see any pictures of women in skimpy clothing so, you know, they are missing out on a key demographic...the perverts, but, there is always room to grow.



    oh yea and fast boats rock.

    this is a damn good idea actually. It is time for waterskiing to tie into events that bring numbers, try to snag some fans. No non skiers are showing up to private lakes in the middle of nowhere.

  2. your fucking right it is. serious. unless you are drinking beer and in the mix, how much do you really care about skiing? team up and get after it.

  3. sorry, not going to contribute cuz im drinking beer and watching the history channel


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