Jun 17, 2008


How rad is that picture?

Thats a pic of Ryan Dodd with, we guess, frog legs or something because wow, thats huge. Anyways, we were doing a search for pictures of jumping, why? Because we can. Well, this picture popped up and its from Ryan's profile on a website called loopd.com, which is a sort of facebook deal for sports people. More specifically,
Who We Are...
A differentiated sports community network providing athletes, enthusiasts, and brands a purposeful place to create, commune, and connect.

What We Do...
Deliver the most relevant and engaging sports community experience online.

For Who...
Our members are our first priority. Athletes and enthusiasts who love their sports.

For them we will always strive to:

+ Be Core to Sports
+ Be Authentic
+ Let Them Drive Whenever We Can
+ Enhance Their Experiences and Connections
+ Integrate Brands as a Relevant Part of Their Experience
+ Be Socially Responsible as Individuals and as a Company
+ Encourage Them to Have Fun

Around What...
Their Sports. Their Lifestyles. Our members ride, skate, surf, and drive. Pros, ams, and fans alike, we connect them in unique ways with each other and their sports.
OK, whatever, its pretty neat I guess. Besides, if you think about it Myspace and Facebook are basically worthless because they have turned from what they were, easy ways to stalk your ex's and share pictures of you being drunk and stupid, to what they are now, corporate money whores where you can stalk your ex's, share pictures of you being drunk AND write on funwalls, send flair, engage in epic ninja battles, engage in social marketing initiatives and whatever other bullshit things they can think of to annoy you.

Side note: is it not the most depressing thing that when the corporate world picks up on a marketing opportunity that whatever is fun turns into a convoluted mess of crap? I don't care about the damn Saturn Astra and no I don't want season one of "Entourage" sent to me. If i wanted to see a bunch of spoiled douchebags wander around and do douchy things I would put on my best sparkly shirt, eat some drugs and go to a dance club. Dress code: Hair gel, smarmy attitude, parents credit card.

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