Jun 25, 2008

The Lake of Sin: Update

Update on our boy Rykert and his lake of sin and his thieving / squirrel hungry dog Nola, by his comments in our post about Coralville, he seems to be doing fine and "sidelined by irony"


From his comment:
I'm alive and well, thanks for the concern. Haven't skied for three weeks, I've been sidelined by irony. My house stayed dry, which is more than I can say for some parts of town. Hopefully I'll be able to ski again this week. As for Nola, sadly, her stash of coolers floated away.
To bad about the coolers, or her stash, whatever pothead dog.

Thanks for the update homey, if you want the CRB's thoughts, just say screw it, drop your 135 horse fish and ski in the road, fire it up and take a wicked skurfer set!


  1. Go Skurfer...

    good to hear our boy is at least high and dry.

  2. High and Dry? High? I see what you did there.

  3. I could have done a gnarly fin release down the middle of the Coralville strip last week, while sporting a flourescent Body Glove wetsuit


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