Jun 29, 2008

Jump Finals

WOW an event with out one of the top 2 in the finals. Roger and Scot Ellis said they could not remember the last time that has happend. There have been other people on top of the podium but never an event with out those two. But thats how the cookie crumbles.

Kiwi put up a 209 (I think).

Damian Sharmen came out and put up a solid 214 or 65.1 meters. A great score for a jumper that has been pushing his way slowly up the ladder for the past few years.

Jason Seals was the last off the dock and put up a couple of 214s. 65.1 meters on his second jump to tie with Damian and then pushed it .1 meters further on his final jump. That 65.2 meters put him just a mater of inchs from forcing a jump off with the Candian muscle man Ryan Dodd.

Dodd, 3rd off the dock, took home his first Pro victory and a nice 5400 dollar check. Not a bad weekends worth of work

This tourny showed us that the new cats are here to stay. Dodd taking down his first pro tour win, Karina knocking off the big girls again, and Cale giving JB a run for his money. So exciting, and the webcasts bring it all to our couchs. woot.

oh yea and I won 2 shirts by getting two trivia questions correct. Totally beating out Scot Ellis on one. Take that SKIFLY, the CRB is the new kid on the block.


  1. wow, good work ODBF. Did you get your mastercraft trailer hitch cover?

  2. Anonymous8:27 AM


  3. Not sure how exactly we get those, are they mailing them? I also dominated on the trivia, I was so good that Tadd cut me off. fun hater i say.

    and still the CRB totally beat skifly in trivia, take that Scot. BOOOYAAA

  4. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Mastercraft will be sending the hitch covers to everyone who signed on.
    Give them a few days to get all the data collected and I am sure they will get them out.
    As for your bounty of tee shirts that you won for being such a water ski trivia guru. I will get all that going in a few days too.
    Yes, I may have been a bit of a hater on you, but I just wanted to spread the love to everyone else and give them a shot at getting some free schwag. For now, you should be able to revel in the fact that you took down the Ellis's and Skifly. I figure that should keep you going for a while.
    This weekend, we will be at Cory Pickos's with the Superstars. This will be the Trick and Overall Event for the Pro Tour this year. It will be webcasted as well. Not sure if it will be Pay2View on Sunday or not. I will have to check with proskiers.com on that one.
    tadd at h2osmosis dot com

  5. wooot, I won me some schwag...

    /drug joke

    Everyone hates on the bass fisherman...of course i dont actually fish, well at least not with out a few south paws in me. Love me the southern beers.

  6. awww, you two are so cute together!!!


    Ryan Dodd is a beast.

    //insert shirtless picture in front of large truck and or ridiculous stereo system here//

    Totally, dude.


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