Jun 29, 2008

Its a nightmare for Freddy and Jaret

Freddy and Jaret have done something that has not happend for as long as I can remember, Im betting its been at least 5 or 6 years, they both missed the finals. The finals coming up later this afternoon will guarentee a new name up on the top of the podium.

Damian Sharmen made the first finals I can remember him in with a 211 foot jump.
/not doing much research

Kyle Eade made the finals with a 210 (I belive) with both Freddy and Jaret puting up sub 210 scores.

Ryan Dodd has become a common site in the finals, but has just been a bit short of his fellow Canadian and Freddy but today may be his day.

Jason Seals, "Mr. Consistancy" as Scot Ellis calls him rounds out the finals. This is his chance to put another win on his record. He has spent a long time in the top guys shadows and here is his chance to show that he is one of the big dogs.

/could not find a good pic

//to lazy to keep looking

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