Jun 14, 2008

Instant Coverage - LA Night Jam (Happy Fathers Day!!)

Your mens winner of the LA Night Jam, Freddy Krueger. He beat Subway Jared Llewelyn by some weird non-American form of measurement.

HEY HEY!! Sneaky Freddy! Jared and Freddy will be doing a Jump Off!! How Cool!

Jared went 201. God Damn that guys good! Freddy didn't get what he needed.

"There you go Freddy, in your face!!"

HAHA!! Well played dude!!

Freddy wins the night jump, Jared wins the pride jump-off, and Freddy gets off this one..

"I think this is my first win at a night-jump, so Fittsy can stop calling me Day-Mare"

Solid. Cool stuff. Announcer dudes...one note though, please quit screaming into the mic.

Final Standings. With Screen Capped Pics.

3rd Place Women - Natallia Berdnikava

2nd Place Womens - Angeliki Andriopoulou

1st Place Womens - June Fladborg...The CYBORG!! WOOOO!!!

For the dudes.

3rd Place Mens - Ryan Dodd

2nd Place Dudes - Jared Llewelyn

1st Place Mens - Freddy Kreuger (despite the beat down in the Pride-Off)

and finally, Tony and Tad. Good jobs gents. as noted above, quit screaming into the mic...that was annoying. and when Fitts went out the back a "OH NOOOEES!!" prob wasn't necessary.

Minor quibles. overall, kick ass and to the sponsors of the Night Jam, I am eating Dominos and drinking budweiser and sking around seven buoys and looking at hooters and eating mcdonalds and drinking vitamin water whatever else you are sponsored by, I am doing that too!

The CRB is nothing if not a marketing whore/victim. Keep the dollas flowing in and god damn if the CRB will not be there next year.

oh yeah...its saturday...later.

Wait, final note. Happy Fathers Day! To all the dads out there...BUY A BOAT!!! Go Skiing!


  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Jared took the challenge from Freddy with a jump off and won!!!! Freddy just ignored it, didn't he?

  2. Anonymous12:27 PM

    that jump off was just for bragging rights. Freddy had already won the tournament.

  3. yep, the jump-off was just for fun. I am a moron though, i was trying to screen cap Jared's jump so i missed what happened with Freddys. Did he just pass or something?

  4. Anonymous9:46 PM

    no he was on his heels and jumped bad

  5. thats what it sounded like. Fair enough. Pretty cool moment overall anyways.

  6. Anonymous12:58 AM

    you got to pay the bills somehow.

  7. Anonymous8:27 AM


  8. I only caught the end of the webcast, still pretty dope. I wish i had paid better attention to the time and not so much attention to that porn...I mean educational websites.

    what I caught was pretty dope anyways.

  9. Anonymous2:34 PM

    First off, let me say, I love the site. Brings a fresh breathe of air into water skiing. Anyway, just to comment on you telling me to stop yelling into the mic, as well others have told me the same thing. We had about 4000 or so people on site, who were my first priority. I needed to make sure they were pumped up the whole time, so that was the reason for yelling, etc. The other deal is that there was no mic sound adjusting to be done, so that it would not come through like that on the webcast.
    Just wanted to let you know a reason for your lack of hearing on Monday. I realize this was not a big deal to you, but as I am always trying to get better, it means a lot to me to be able to let you know the reasons behind the loudness. Keep watching, we will be in Michigan this weekend. www.webcast-tv.com
    Tadd Schreiber

  10. TADD!! welcome dude! hope you stick around

  11. haha, and tony gets super excited about water skiing. You turn up tadd and then tony gets louder. Tadd, tony and the music were all on one slider. They both did a super job for the commentary. I was trying to balance the audio for the webcast it just didn't work out.

    Joey McNamara


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