Jun 4, 2008

I'm calling shenanigans

On this guy, who somehow has devised a way to make his car run on water. Somehow he breaks apart the molecules within the water and it mixes with a little bit of gas and VIOLA...instant bullshit!!

Uh huh, sure buddy. Now of course he is kind of a jesus freak, so maybe his car runs on faith or holy water. But, hot damn, if this concept actually worked (ed. note: don't be a dumbass) imagine how easy it would be in a boating scenario.

You just drop a hose into the lake and BOOM instant gas.

Of course, we found this nonsense on Fark.com so naturally you have to read the comments for some fun LOL's. Highlights include:
So thousands of engineers around the world can't figure it out but some redneck in Florida slaps a mason jar to his intake and hits a homerun? Call me skeptical.
Step 1: Put water in car

Step 2: ????

Step 3: PROFIT
Actually, the water is used to keep all 300 gerbils hydrated as they run in their little wire wheels...
My boat runs on water.
Oh yeah, and just for the hell of it a car really running on water...

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