Jun 12, 2008

Guess Its Not Ego if its the Truth

Isn't that how the old saying goes, its not bragging if it's the truth?

The IWSF released their individual skier rankings and of course the normal people are ranked at the top, April Coble and Jaime Beauc(spelling?) are at the top of the April (coincidence?) rankings in slalom while, Angeliki Andriopoulou (really?) and horror movie villain sit atop the the jump category. Clementine Lucine and (here we go with the spelling again) Nicholas Leforestier rank as the best trick skiers.

First off all, jesus christ with the spelling of the names!!!

Second, if you then click on over to Leforestier's website you can see this wicked cool new trick move and the following post.
Ce n'est pas une grande surprise mais ca fait toujours plaisir , l'IWSF vient de publier son dernier Classement Mondial en date et je continue de pointer à la place de numéro 1 depuis Octobre 1998 ...
Yeah, what you said...or, un-frenched
It is not a very big surprise but always feels nice , the IWSF has just published their latest World Rankings ... I am still leading the field since now October 1998.
Despite the tortured syntax there in that last statement, we will forgive because he is French and you can be assured that if we tried to write in French it would probably end up with us getting our ass kicked for calling someones moms a deregulated toaster oven.

Anyways, sure it sounds a bit arrogant, but, sheesh, since the CRB has been the best waterski website since its inception, impregnation, in the fall of 1987*, we tend to crow a bit about our success as well.

Note: CRB Girl** Danyelle Bennett is currently ranked 15th overall, 15th in Slalom, 10th in Tricks and 15th in Jump. This displeased the CRB HQ, as her name is much easier to spell then Angeliki Andriopoulou.

*not true
**unofficial, but we can hope right?


  1. Jesus that picture is creeping me out, quit staring into my soul!

  2. guess the French have tricks dialed in right now.
    /goes to france to train
    //gets ass kicked for not speaking French
    ///eats some freedom fries

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM

    i am assuming that you are basing your assessment that the French have tricking skiing dialed in because one French person is good at it? Those Americans certainly have their drug abuse dialed in.

  4. Anonymous6:30 PM

    looks to me like the french hold the top spot in both womens and mens.
    and yes the americans are good at drugs.


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