Jun 22, 2008

Fenton, MI pro tour stop

I just returned to the CRB offices from a great weekend at the Fenton MI MasterCraft pro tour stop. And besides a wicked sunburn I had a great weekend. The skiing was awsome and the head to head format was a blast to watch. It would have been great to see tricks and jump included. Maybe next year they will be able to add more events and return 3 event skiing to the tour.
Will Asher took down Nick Parsons for the victory in a great head to head match up which was set up with Will Asher taking down Cale Burdick in one semi final and Nick taking down Jamie Bueschene in the other semi. There was some great skiing all around and a couple surprises as well. Tom Brantley made his first finals while setting a new tourny PB of 1/2 at 41 off and Cale making it into the semi finals in his rookie season.
On the womens side Emma Sheers took down Karen truelove in one semi while Karina Nowlen took out Whitney Mclintock in the hottest match up I have seen to set up an all Australian Finals. In the finals Emma put up a score of 2 1/2 @ 39 off, a very respectable score, but color comentator April Coble's prediction that it would take at least 3 @ 39 off to win came true when Karina rounded 3 ball and rode it out for the win. Karina took home $5,400, which is a great way to celebrate her 21st birthday.
In the Master Mens finals Ben Favre was able to outlast the dominator of the Big Dawgs Scott Tynan and take home the 2 grand check. This would have been a fine check to offer up for a trick event...
There are some pics from the weekend that sooner or later I will get around to uploading, but for now im going to drink another Natty Light and get my sleep on. Indian Poker and Natural Ice are an ugly combination. The ODBF will never have at that combo again.


  1. hold on a second...a post from odbf and no videos or grammatical errors? wow.

    /old joke

  2. sorry about that, ill make sure to use more videos and less proper english.


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