Jun 9, 2008

Dude, Your Binding is Not Working Right

Lets add a bit of levity to the CRB in the form of a late night post. From reader James we have a couple of fun little tid-bits to nibble on tonight and tomorrow and Wednesday, well, until we post some more.

First, the picture on the right. Funny caption by CRB? no, how about James's description.

pilot: WTF?
skier: OS!!

Thats about right. Take a look at his left foot. Dude, I think you need a pair of Wileys or maybe some duck tape. That ain't working right.

Second, and we don't know if he has a stake in the deal, but, he sent some info on the Mastercraft Pro Tour stop in Tuscaloosa Alabama. on June 27-29.
This is a terrific private lake site with ideal conditions, very close to the university of alabama in tuscaloosa. Gorgeous southern belles, cheap tickets, great place to camp and chill out, close proximity to university party district, THE BEST WATERSKIERS IN THE WORLD. Record capable site. Drivers wanting to see some records go down
Southern Belles? Does the Hoverocerous get the mileage necessary to make the trip. God we hope so.

um...this picture takes up more space then we thought it would. What to say...




HAHA!! We made it! So should you, go to Alabama! See Forest Gump in Greenbow! Do It!


  1. That is Scott LaMarche in the jumping picture. Isn't that a crazy shot?

  2. how does that happen? must have legs like a frog


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