Jun 30, 2008

CRB Service Announcement: Drunk Guy in Boat Was Not Us

Its never a good idea to drink and drive, also not super smart to drink and boat...however, we have all been there were we spent a little to much money at the bar and had no means by way to get home.

Most of us would call a friend for a lift or hitch-hike or turn to a life on the streets of prostitution and drugs. This guy, however, had a much more novel, albeit, not smart ways of getting home, that being, stealing a rowboat and attempting to paddle home.

From "The Local", which is "Sweden's news in English" we have this excerpt from the article.
After a short while, the drunken man grew weary and passed out in the bottom of his boat, hoping that the currents would carry him safely to Swedish shores.

He was later discovered by the Danish coast guard, which had been alerted about what was thought to be an abandoned dinghy adrift in one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.
We salute your can-do attitude and choice of water bound vessels, but, somewhere Darwin is shaking his head at a missed opportunity.


  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    oh like youve never paddled a rowboat from your country to another accross busy shipping lanes.

    and by paddle a rowboat i mean drink at the bar, and by shippnig lanes i mean getting shot down left and right by the ladies.

  2. left AND right? Please, everyone knows the rowboat is left hand only.



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