Jun 19, 2008

Atlanta to Midwest: Can we have some of your water?

15 years after the last "100 year" flood the Midwest is seeing another "100 year" flood. They should probably change the name to 15 year flood or something like that. Our team of trained gerbals and twiggy the waterskiing squirrel have hit "one of the internets" and found some heart breaking pictures for any waterskier.

The Five Seasons Ski Team in Ceder Rapids Iowa has lost most if not all of their ski season, as their site looks to be under water, and will most likely be covered in the nastyness that floods bring in.

Daddy, can we sit in the front row?

And here is what its supposed to look like.

Sally Ballet Girl: Tit bit nipply?

The edge of the Five Seasons Ski Site.

Looks to me like they are recovering very well. Who is the exec speaking to?
The Jansville Rock Aqua Jays ski site: Traxler park. As the Jansville Gazette said today "the next event at Traxler will be in November.

They are saying even after the water comes back down it will take months to sanitize all of the equipment and the park itself. They are expecting a thick sludge left from the massive amounts of sewage dumped up river by flooded water treatment plants.

Daddy why dident the river bring a plastic bag?

This is a house on Lake Delton on the same lake as the Tommy Bartletts ski show site. I don't see how any of these people are recovering nicely as they were not allowd to get flood insurance. Or all of the skiers who lost their jobs as their stage decided to make an end run around the dam and at the same time take a few homes with them.

Damn, in the future Ill pay for the girl scout cookies, those girls can be mean bitches.

Of course then there is the CRB ski site, save and out of the way of all the flooding affecting our friends in the midwest.

Ah peace and serenity

Oh come on now,not you again what did I anger the waterski gods?

/hides in corner


  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    That owl and Godzilla are in cahoots

  2. Anonymous6:14 PM

    They are out to take over the crb. those bastards.


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