May 15, 2008

Worlds Longest?

So I was doing my daily stroll through "one of the internets" when I stumbled upon a list of the worlds longest (ed. note: Hi-OHHH!!)

So anyways being the waterski geek that I am I immediately checked out the records for watersking and came across three records listed. They look to be a few years old, but so am I so I don't care.

Of course that was after scanning over all the fun facts like:

Who had the world's longest working career?

Shigechiyo Izumi of Japan started working in in 1872 at age seven.
He worked as a farmer till he retired at the young age of 105 in 1970, spanning 98 years of toiling for a living.

Shigechiyo Izumi enjoyed another 15 years of retirement, living to the ripe old age of 120.

What is the world's longest word in Spanish?
If you’re looking for the longest Spanish word, don’t look to The Guinness Book of World Records, as it is wrong. They have superextraordinarísimo listed as the longest Spanish word. This twenty-two letter word, meaning “most superextraordinary” isn’t actually used in the Spanish language. It is only used when speaking of the longest Spanish word. Also, one could add prefixes and suffixes to it making such words such as the twenty-seven letter word superextraordinarísimamente.

The longest words in actual Spanish use are the twenty-three letter words anticonstitucionalmente (“unconstitutionally”) and electroencefalografista (“electroencephalograph technician”). Because the latter is a verb, it can take on a plural form and become electroencefalografistas. This would actually be the longest Spanish word. These words are actually in use when using the Spanish language.

Wow, thats exciting...


What was the world's longest water ski jump?
The world record for the longest water ski jump is a horrific record to set, but it was set by none other than Illinois' Freddy Krueger.

On November 05,2006 at the McCormick Record No. 5 tournament in Seffner, Florida Freddy Krueger launched of a ramp on his water skis and after drying out flying through the air he covered 243 feet or 74.2 meters before once again wetting himself, but not before setting the record for the world's longest water ski jump.

Who made the world's longest Barefoot water ski jump?
The world's longest barefoot water ski jump was set by David Small of Great Britain in Mulwala, Australia on February 08, 2004.

David managed to have his bare feet leave the water for a toe tickling 27.4 meters.

What was the world's longest water-skiing marathon?
Finishing on June 12 1994 both Ralph Hildebrand and and Dave Phillips captured the record for the world's longest water-skiing marathon after a soaking 56 hours 35 minutes and 3 seconds skiing around Indian Arm in British Columbia, Canada.

The duo covered 2,152.3 kilometers which we won't translate to miles as they are Canadian.
They used spotlights and infrared binoculars to avoid obstacles during the night.

We wanted to post a picture but they were just too shriveled up and we didn't want to scare anyone away.

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    Mark Messier on skis? Hell yeah.


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