May 27, 2008

This Guy is Good

There is no possible way that we can adequately intro this video. So...instead, we will give a hat tip to Greg for sending it to us, and letting him do the honors.
This video is hilarious and pointless....which made me think of you guys at the CRB!


  1. Did he call us Hilarious? you bastard...

  2. Oh my gosh that video is priceless. If he can find a course with just 2,4,6 - he is made in the shade.

    3 things I really enjoyed about that video:
    1. The rope looks like it is atached to a tower or something because it is high.
    2. If you look at the boatpath - the driver is turning each time he makes a cut - must be strategy.
    3. That song.

  3. Not only hilarious, but, pointless as well! So dead on!

  4. The skier was Axel Foley, slalom specailist


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