May 26, 2008

Naked Jumping.

Ha, not nearly as sexy as you thought huh? Thanks to the man behind Ball of Spray, John Horton, for the heads up. But dude, why are you researching 1/2 naked dudes jumping on the ebays?

Not judging!

Well, if you want to send your loved ones a picture of some homo-erotic waterski love, by all means, click on over to the ebay for some naked jump love.

Also: Site Update. Apologies for the lack of the Collegiate All-Stars Round-Up, we promise its coming soon. The CRB has been enjoying some well-earned r&r, or more specific, drinking in a different state without a computer. Holla!


  1. That is the best way to clean out your bowels after a hard night

  2. wow. bowels huh? thats a great use of that word, but, damn dude.

  3. I would suggest at least a pair of jean shorts or something. that is just dangerous

  4. makes as much sense as this does

  5. Fantasy Fishing? The CRB is totally signing up! Taking that by storm.

  6. Great! Thanks to me, Creaky has gone from the funny off color ski blog to a gay jumping fantasy fishing site.

    You guys need to post some bikini photos before it is too late.


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