May 13, 2008

FORE!! Speedboat Meet Bunker, Bunker Meet Speedboat

The title of the article in The Daily Telegraph newspaper is "Speedboat Crashes into Scottish Golf Course", which technically isn't accurate.

A more apt title would be "Speedboat Lands on Golf Course" because in reality, it didn't crash INTO the course, that would mean that it hit the side of the course which....well, its land so there really isnt a side to it.

However, the driver of said boat had to bail out because of someone in a Bayliner* acting like a jackass, the boat then plowed into some rocks and flew, majestically we assume, through the air and landed in a sand-trap.

And you thought that the mini-golf obstacles were ridiculous.
"The incident was a first for Clyde Coastguard.

Their watch manager, Calum Murray, said: "We do deal with a number of beached vessels, but I don't think that we have ever had one which landed in a golf course bunker."

A spokeswoman for the Loch Lomond Golf Club commented: “Thankfully no one was hurt.”
Not included in the article, but, was overheard by a fluffy, and cute, puppy was the spokewomen for the country club also had other incredibly insightful observations such as:

"Gosh am I glad the sun provides warmth"

"Thankfully the ground was there or this boat may have fallen all the way to the Iraqs"

"I am really glad my car started this morning"

"Food, thank goodness someone makes that stuff, or else I would be hungry."

Oh yeah, and by the way:

*Unconfirmed, probably not true.

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