May 20, 2008

Beating a Dead Horse with a Dead Horse

Maybe its more common knowledge then I thought, gas prices bullshit that is, but, there is a really interesting article in the Star-Telegram, Via TTAC, about gas prices...more specifically Oil Prices and why they are so high, especially given the fact that there is not a shortage of Oil anywhere.

Its frustrating and we can harp on the issue and bitch until our eyes turn blue. Normally your face would, but, in this case your eyes would. Why? Why the hell not? It makes as much sense as anything else.

Whats most irritating is that if its really a bunch of people playing oil futures and fucking us out of some money, so be it, its a free market society (basically) and shit works the way it does. It sucks, but, thats life.

But, really, its people or a mind-set of people praying on the natural skittish nature of people and their dependence on cars. Someone saying, "OMG, the sky is falling, oil is going to spike at $200 a barrel, oh noes!!11!!!!!11eleven" and then laughing all the way to bank when the market adjusts itself, despite the fact that, in that article, it states that Iran or whomever is stashing oil in boats in the gulf because they ran out of room is awful.

This pisses me off as a skier type, because, a boat is f-ing expensive anyways...luckily, I am independently wealthy (my wife is a middle-school teacher*) that its of no concern to me.

I remember a story about the oil problems in the 70's and it was the same bullshit, but, with crappier taste in both cars and style....and birth control obviously.

*not married


  1. Sticking that gas nozzle into a different orifice would create a more telling metaphor

  2. If you want more articles on oil by Ed Wallace go to Ed has been way out in front of the fraud in the oil markets.


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