Apr 18, 2008

You Better Ask Somebody: Bio Deconstruct - Freddy Krueger

From the pages of the US Open of Waterskiing comes some great, lame, adjective bios on all the different skiers. The CRB bios must have been lost in tubes of the ebayz, so unfortunately you can't see ours. Pitty, our training regime is fucking EPIC!!

Anyways, here is the jump king stud boy Freddy Krueger's bio. Smart-ass comments, as always, in italics (because italics are fun)

So, click the thing and read all about Freddy!

Division: Open Men Jump

Hometown: Winter Garden, FL

Lake You Ski On: Lake Huckleberry

Major Sponsors: MasterCraft, Zero Off, D3 Skis, OJ Props, Body Glove, MasterLine
CRB (in our hearts)

Competition Highlights: 6 Time World Record Holder, 5 Time US Open Jump Champion, 6 Time Masters Champion
quit bogarting all the awards dude.

Favorite/First Water Skiing Moment: Breaking my first world record at the 1999 US Open
The best part is that isn't even cocky, how awesome would it be to be able to say that?

Training Routine: Until its right
vs. until its wrong, which is what we strive for

How Do You Get Ready for a Competition? Train, Rest, and Focus on the task at hand
Yikes, that is deep...

How Did You Get into this Sport? My family were all skiers and I never had more fun than being at the lake with friends and family
so true

Tell Us Something No One Knows About You: I'm really 6'3
and blood related to Willie Nelson, True Story!!

What Are You Reading? Besides your website? Nelson Demille.

What is your Favorite Movie? Batman Begins, Bourne Supremecy, Music and Lyrics....I enjoy all kinds

Greatest Quote You Have Ever Heard: When you mow the grass the snakes will show.
whoa...sexual innuendo all over the place!!

What is Playing on your IPod? Godsmack, Audioslave, Crash test Dummies, Metallica, 6 Pince none the Richer
err....6 pence? gonna have to assume that was a joke

Favorite Pizza Toppings? Loaded minus the stinky fish!
Hey! Its just like the women the ODBF dates!! minus the loaded part as well.

While not out on the Water, What do you Do? Try to work on my house or on our land in NC. I need a hobby!
Write for the CRB!!

Who would you like to meet? God....I have some questions. Tommy Lee Jones, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Freddy: God, its Fre
Freddy: Freddy.
Freddy: I got some questions. Like, why do the shite muslims have such deep seeded hatred towards the Sunni?
God: you serious?
Freddy: hahah, just bullshittin...yo, where is the lake up here?

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 95 Jeep Cherokee, Karen gets the Suburban
yo, a 95 Cherokee? The best jumper our sport has currently, and maybe ever, drives a 95 Cherokee? HEY CHEVY!! You sponsor the shit out of stuff don't you? Hook our boy up with a new Tahoe or something!!

What is your dream vacation? I think I'd really enjoy going scuba diving on some Caribbean Island.

What is your favorite material possession? Probably my Winter Garden house. It's an escape from all that drains.
The drains? Jesus man, don't live in a sink!

What are you guilty of? I love movies. I can't start watching one and turn it off. If it starts...i'm going to finish it.
Just like sex. not that we would know...:(

What is the best advice you can give? Don't ever throw your ski equipment....you'll need it the next day!
ahh shit, a typo...damnit....
/chucks computer




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