Apr 4, 2008

Waterskiing Pet Peeves

This is a blatant rip-off of the KSK post from today, but, its brilliance is only overshadowed by the fact this shit hasn't been done before. If you are to lazy to click over to their site, its a pretty simple deal, they have mock-drafts of various things, hottest girls, best ways to die in a movie, etc, etc.

Anyways, todays mock draft was Pet Peeves and it was awesome....even better, or equally as good, was the comments, people going off on the shit that pisses them off in the world.

Well, never one to let a good idea go un-theived, we figured we would put together a small list of things surrounding the waterski world that piss us off. Note: the we and us is in the royal, because the ODBF and the Minion are fucking worthless.

Here are five things that piss me off about the waterski world.

1) People who are crappy boat drivers but think they are good.

Look, its not that hard. If you suck, don't fucking learn with me back there.

2) People that cant figure out how to load/unload their boat from a trailer.

Along with that goes people that cant figure out how to back up their car with a trailer on it. Granted, 90% of the time this shit is hysterical, but, christ, sometimes you wanna get yourself outta the water, or in the water and wait for the 45 year old moron investment banker with the at one-time trophy wife try and back a fucking bayliner into the water while he stands on the dock with a rope in one hand and a cigerette or cell-phone in the other while simultaiuously yelling at her that she doesn't know what she is doing. "Damnit Cindy! Go Left!!....NO LEFT!!"

3) Assholes who don't understand common waterski etiqute.

Look, we know your rad X-Star piece of crap is awesome and you and your extreme friends are cool, but, seriously, pay attention to what is going on around you. There are only so many lakes and I am here too. When I am done with my run, then its your turn. I will fuck around for a awhile, drink a beer, whatever and wait for you to be done. Then its my turn. But for gods sake, realize that you make wake when you drive around so fucking idle where you want to go.

4) Fisherman

Not sure what else to add here. I like to fish too. Its fun, you can drink and be moderately home-erotic with your buddy. Great. I am sure that the one calm place in the lake is EXACTLY where billy big mouth bass is, but, you know what, we are both here for the same reason. To enjoy the lake, so, quit looking at me like we just burned down your house and stole your bait/wife when we are in the same area as you are.

5) Rain

Its just sucks.

There are about a billion other things that suck, and I am sure I missed some of them, what are they?


  1. My pet peeve... THE ROWBOAT ABIDES.

    oh yea and people that dont pitch in for gas for their runs.

  2. winter

    wakeboarders who take 30 minute sets doing nothing but heelside wake jumps

    dry ramps

    bad trick release operators


    tail winds

    beginners who drop the handle after pulling out to the side of the boat

    skiers that whisper "hit it" or some variant therof when ready to be pulled out of the water. Say it like you mean it God Damnit. There's 300 angry horsepower between us.

  3. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Wakeboarders, and dont give me that "some are very talented", NO THEY ARE NOT, they are just talentless pussies that couldent hack it in the 3 event world and jumped on the band wagon.

  4. hey i post important videos about stuff like cars pulling skiers...

  5. whoa. anon, what the fuck? easy killer. lets try this again.

    welcome to the CRB. We are all about love. if you want to bitch about wakeboarders or some shit, please, pack up your shit and move elsewhere.

    wakeboarding is a discipline within the realm of waterskiing, just as 3-event, hyrdo, whatever else.


  6. *People who tell me how much air they got while tubing. The phrase "at least 50 feet" is one of my favorite. Unless you had a kite tube, or some sort of wings, I don't think you were sniffing anything more than 10 feet.

    *Oh yeah, and on the same topic, your buddy's dad at their lake house is probably not the "craziest tubing boat driver in the world". He's prolly just a wally like everyone else.


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