Apr 18, 2008

Rig of the Month: April 2008

Rykert mentioned in a comment that he has canceled his subscription to waterski magazine because they quit publishing "Rig of the Month". Well, that is a travesty. Its a mockery. Its a sham.

Yes, its a Travashamockery!!

So, welcome to the CRB "Rig of the Month" If you scour the interwebs and find a cool rig, or have one of your own, or your friends please send it to us, greenboathouse@gmail.com

Note: Rig of the month does not mean your junk.

This month we have a 1995 GMC Yukon SLT 4x4 and 1995 Ski Centurion. Nabbed from bobogee.com.


  1. My brother actually got in the "rig of the month" section of Water Ski magazine. For a december issue once, they had "rig of the month awards" where they featured a bunch of them. My brother had a picture he set up and took of the Boilermaker Special (The Purdue Train) hooked up to the Black and Gold Purdue Team Boat, sitting in the middle of campus in front of our fountain. It won "Most Unique Rig".

    I miss that section of the magazine too.

  2. really? do you have that picture somewhere? that would be pretty cool.


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