Apr 3, 2008

Night Jump + Booze = Trans Am Out of the Garage

Here is the cool video from the front page of the LA Night Jam website, you know if your into that sort of thing, that thing being waterskiing.

This seems like a really cool idea, its a recipe for success.

Step 1. Waterski
Step 2. Night Time w/ lights
Step 3. ....
Step 4. Profit?

Shit yeah, its a whole new paradigm of waterski awesomeness!
The LA NIGHT JAM is the 2nd stop of the 2008 Mastercraft Pro Waterski Tour, and will also be a qualifying event for the 2008 U.S Open. Last year we witnessed Freddy Kreuger fly an incredible 230' all under lights to take the victory! This year we plan on seeing more action packed competition from some of the world's best male and female jumpers. There will be qualifying rounds held during the day to decide on who will fight for the cash During the Night Jump event. It will come down to only 10 Male and 6 Female athletes, competing not only for the prize money, but also for the opportunity to ski in the final pro tour stop at the U.S Open! The LA NIGHT JAM is a festival atmosphere aimed at the whole family, with amusement rides and other fun activities on land, live music, hot food and full bar service all night long! There will be X-treme wakeboard and barefoot demonstrations, and when the action on the water finishes up, the action on the land will just be getting started, with the Night Jam Beach Party staying open until 1am.
God damn, why didn't you say so? X-Treme wakeboarding? Jesus, fire up the Chevette, 40 oz, whatever we are using as our personal conveyance vehicle / email machine.

No word on if this will be web-cast anywhere, because, you know, we love Bennett's and all that but, we don't all live there. So, get the word out!!!!

However, if she will be there, or she will be there...then that $4.00 per gallon price of gas just may just make it worth firing up the Trans Am and burning rubber.

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  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Gotta love the trans am, that beast is radical


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