Apr 17, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Old Dirty Bass Fisherman Involved in Cooler-napping!

So, do to recent comments by the Old Dirty Bass Fisherman we have taken up suspicion as to him being involved in the recent incident involving Nola (Rykert's vicious dog) and the CRB cooler. Using the street view feature on google maps, we checked near the ODBF's normal hang outs. You know swamps, lily pads, elementary schools, and his van down by the river and we have recovered these photos.

Due to droughts he has had to drop his Jon Boat into random private swimming pools to catch fish. However, all that it is believe that he has caught is ecoli. It looks as if one of Nola's accomplices has brought the cooler to show him.

Here he is with his catch from his van down by the river. Oh, what is that ODBF? Is that the CRB cooler?!? Seeing that marshal law has been declared I say we move for an immediate beheading, lynching, hanging or that thing where you stick the pole up his butt (I think the Romans used to do it). I always suspected a inside man, and I always knew ODBF was a creepy bastard, but could you have sunk any lower?

Ed. Note: Yes, that sort of torture was used in the old days. Sick, sick stuff


Speak now. Give us your tired your hungry your weak. We will make them into CRB Staff

Its to Dang Cold!

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