Mar 13, 2008

Your Sports Fantasy?

When we first heard of Billy Crystal signing the one-day contract with the Yankees, and no it doesn't necessarily apply to Waterskiing, but our first reaction was "Publicity Stunt"!!

Sure, maybe it was, who cares? After watching the video of his at-bat in a meaningless exhibition game a couple things went through our heads.
  1. He certainly didn't seem to be doing it for yuks.
  2. Seeing as he is a lifelong Yankees fan, what possible bigger thrill could their be?
So, with that in mind, and sort of stealing from a radio show we heard today, what would be your biggest sports fantasy?

Ours would be very similar, but, would love to run out onto Wrigley Field just once and face a major league pitcher, or minor league, or beer-league soft ball or your mom. It doesn't matter.

In the waterski world, not sure what it could be...but, if you scour the CRB posts going back in time, you can imagine who may be involved!!!

Check out the video for inspiration.


  1. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Ski with sammy!!! or hook up with clem!

  2. so, this sports fantasy thing went over well...


  3. Alright so I've been thinking about this one.

    I guess I have two.

    #1 - I actually can't fantasize it any better than EXACTLY what happened with Ryan Dodd at the 2004 NCWSA Nationals. He was the last jumper on the water, as the sun was setting. If he won the event, his team won the national title. If he didn't win the event, his team lost the national title to their ARCH RIVALS. He goes out on jump #1 - not enough. Jump #2 - better jump, one foot short of the title. Shoreline is packed. Everyone is either screaming their heads off, or in complete silence in awe of the situation. Come in for jump #3 - donkey kick the bejeezus out of it, and win your team a National title and win yourself your third consecutive collegiate jump national title on jump #3. I don't know how fantasy or imagination can get better than that.

    #2 - I would love to be a linebacker for the Chicago Bears for one play. I would come in on a blitz, and get a BLINDSIDE sack of Mr. Brett Favre. The sack would knock the ball loose, I pick it up, and run 80 yards, to the screams of the great people at Soldier Field, for a touchdown.

    Suck on that Billy Crystal.

  4. Anonymous3:42 PM

    well so cris went and actually thought one thru... so now the rest of us have to put a little thought into this.

    There is always the Home Run to win the game or the last second shot to win or what ever. all cliche.

    Mine would be playing air hockey at the red neck bar down the street. and totally owning some chick then getting in a bar fight, and taking the no skills air hockey girl home. Now thats what i call sport. /go beer

  5. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Think I got an erection reading Cris's comment


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