Mar 14, 2008

Throw us some of your stories

I know that most of you sit around your delapadated single wide checking in on the crazy haps over here at the CRB when ever you can drag yourself away from that sweet Camaro in the front lawn and day dreaming about getting some sweet wheels so you can take it off the cinder blocks.

And I know that you all wish you could one day see your own story up on the most popular website in waterskiing today (that means the CRB, jerks).

So here is your chance, write up a fun story of something crazy that happend, or maybe a brutal injury tale that you have and hit up the contact Trans AM and ship it over.
Heres a interesting one story I dug up from the '47 Nationals. Stolen fair and Square from our buds over at Tournament water ski.

"August 1, 19471947 US NationalsFor the third and last time, the US Nationals were held on Lake Macatawa. The slalom course was laid out by trial and error and guesswork. Bud Leach arrived from California ostensibly to show the Easterners how to slalom on one ski. However, he was forced into a runoff with Dick Pope Jr in the finals. The guesswork on the slalom seemed to turn out pretty good in practice, so President Dan Hams and officials went out in a rowboat with some light cord and made some primitive measurements. This then was how the length from the entry gate to the first buoy was fixed at 41 m 45 yd.

Wila Worthington demonstrated the backward swan on a single ski but also had a runoff before winning the Tricks from Dotty Mae Anderson of Santa Monica. Also interesting was a mixed doubles match (a la tennis) which was won by Bob Sligh and Irene Boer.

But perhaps the most exciting part of the 1947 Nationals was the jumping duel between two young Cypress Gardens skiers, Tram Piekett and Buddy Boyle. “Form be darned” was their motto as they employed untested talents in the fight for distance. Tactics included pulling the rope in hand-over-hand fashion as they went over the ramp. This pulled them through space and took up all the slack. Sometimes it even looked as if they were actually pulling the boat back to them. This was extremely dangerous since there was a chance of getting tangled up in the rope in the event of a fall. They eventually tied with a jump of 18.60 m 61ft each. "

And no stories like "this one time at band camp, I skied behind a fighter jet"

cuz that never happend

/photo shop bitch slap


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Its to Dang Cold!

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