Mar 17, 2008

Making sure that waterskiers look good

So possibly the best known waterskier in the US in the past decade or so, thanks to "Real World", seems to have a checkered past when it comes to horses.

The CRB staff, highly traned chipmunks, recently unearthed this awesome display of anti-equine! Now, lets not get crazy, because you have to be pretty awesome to do something like this.

Oh wait, no I think it might actually get you on websites like this and get you named the "Awsome horse hater of the week!".

That is certainly something to strive for. Apparently all you have to do is get really drunk at a football game and then attack a police horse!! Stellar!!

This did happen in 2005 so Im guessing our staff is not very quick at unearthing strange nuggets from people past....or just stumble on a link from the KSK.


Guess the picture is from 2002...we are idiots...well, whatever...sorry dude for bringing up stuff from way back.


  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Thanks for the link to the junk picks

  2. your very welcome, thats what we do here, provide uncomfortable photos and...

    I mean waterski shenanagans


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