Feb 12, 2008

You Are Dead to Me

Besides posting the hilarious video from Lewis Black on his site, our boy Rykert, has been bitching up a storm about the never ending winter.

The mighty CRB tenticles spread wide, and deep, so it goes without saying that we feel your pain sir.

We are as sick of this god damn winter weather and the fucking piles of snow and wrecked cars that come with it.

Well, about 10 days ago that little bastard rat named Punxsutawney Phil, climbed out of his hole and decided that what we needed, what the world needed...nay...what our civilization needed, was..MORE FUCKING WINTER!!

You are dead to us.

1 comment:

  1. Jimmy, from Sun Prairie, had a better forcast... he's calling for an early spring. Winter is just going to really suck until that spring arrives.



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