Feb 11, 2008

When One is Just Not Enough

Update in the Rowboat, we have moved over a bit and let a couple new members join up in our pursuit of waterski dick jokes and idiocy here at the CRB headquarters.


So, in addition to the Rowboat Abides...thats me, or whatever stupid-ass name I feel like using, we now have in our stable:

Old Dirty Bass Fisherman


CRB Minion (very original name, BTW)

Anyways, say hello, or fuck it, don't, we don't care. A beer would be pretty awesome right now...


note: the real reason for this post is that I can't stand that chicks rule crap..what is this 1990? Chicks Rule, Guys Drool....blahhhhhhhhhhhh.....whatever.


  1. Anonymous8:27 PM

    yea i gotta agree, that is a pretty awful trailer.

  2. Are they all diiferent posters, or is is the rowboat @ different Blood Alcohol levels?

  3. Good point, the levels of booze in the system is probably in direct proportion to the coherent nature of the post itself. but, yes, there are now three residents of the rowboat


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