Feb 22, 2008

what kinda sport has websites like ours?

We all want waterskiing to be the sport we know it can be, but how does this sad excuse for a world organisation website show that? Come on now horse polo, darts, and even curling association websites make us the IWSF website look like an elementry school kid made it. USA Waterski's website is ok, but still not much to look at.

Lets put some effort into this and maybe we can show people that we actually have some clue what a real sport is. Or we can remain on the slow spiral we are stuck in. Come on this is the Internet age, hell its been the internet age since the early 90s, might be about time for our leaders to figure that out and bring us out of the stoneage.

Or we could let these guys continue to show the world what our sport is about.


  1. Anonymous11:04 PM

    of course this website kicks ass.

  2. You forgot the picture of early cave wall porn

  3. Anonymous12:49 PM

    http://www.mcwsa.com/ now here is a good website.


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